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Søndag, 2 Oktober 2022

Dam Square - Royal Palace

Dam Square Amsterdam
Dam Square - Royal Palace

Situated in the Dam square, the Royal Palace is itself one of the landmarks of Amsterdam. A fine example of the classical Dutch architecture, it was designed by Jacob van Campen and built between 1648 and 1655. Constructed on 13.659 piles, needed to create a solid base in the marshy ground, it was originally built to take place of the previous Town Hall, which had been completely destroyed by fire. Louis Bonaparte, the brother of Napoleon I, made it his royal palace when he became King of Holland in 1808, though he abdicated only two years later. The simple facade strikes the viewers first. It has four orders of windows, above which is a triangular pediment containg sculptures by Artus Quelijn the Younger, an artist from Antwerp. The statues represents the city of Amsterdam surrounded by Neptune and other mythical sea creatures, including nymphs and tritons. The harmonious exterior of the palace is completed by an octogonal tower and cupola. Severely simple outside, the palace is splendidly decorated inside.

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