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Petek, 30 September 2022

Amsterdam Apartments Singel-canal

Central Amsterdam
Amsterdam Apartments Singel-canal

The apartment at the Singel has two double bedrooms. In both bedrooms there are two large (0,90m by 2.10m) beds available. The beds can be used as a doublebed, but can also be separated. There are two extra single-beds available which can be put in the several rooms.

The bedrooms are situated at the backside of the apartment, so there is no noise from the streets and you will sleep very well. As the rooms are specially situated and isolated, there is always a nice temperature. In the summer it is quite cool and in the winter it is comfortable warm.

Breakfast is possible in the apartment. You can also have breakfast in the lunchroom at the other side of the apartment, just across the canal or in many other lovely restaurants in the neighbourhood.

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Telefon : 0031648345517
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