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Giovedì, 26 Maggio 2022

Back Door

Amstelstraat 32 1017DA Amsterdam
Back Door

Club Retrò che suona musica soul, funk e disco ’60 e ’70. Pubblico maggiore di 25 anni, atmosfera rilassata e nessuna restrizione sull’abbigliamento. Precedentemente questo locale era famoso con il nome di Soul Kitchen.

Appartamenti Amsterdam
Alberghi ad Amsterdam

Tipo : 80's
Telefono : 0031-020-6202333
Number of rates: 2 | Rating: 5.90909090
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elena & barbara elena & barbara: → 10 Maggio 2008 - 02:48

is the club open from monday to wednesday? if yes, what kind of music do you offer?

giuseppe colonna giuseppe colonna: → 18 Marzo 2008 - 21:21

stiamo arrivando

Disco Inferno Disco Inferno: → 21 Luglio 2007 - 20:19

"!!! Italian 70's Disco Music Power !!!"


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Requested and performed more than 900 times all over Italy, as well as in some prestigious festivals abroad.
Two packed hours of show, more than 45 songs in the set list, 80 in the repertoire, always evolving.
Extremely visual as well as musical show, with colors, sound and images.

...The great comeback of ‘70s discotheques, today is called DISCOINFERNO!

Live music, performed with style and freshness, with rock energy and funk precision, acquired after years of stage presence and study of the repertoire. The faithful reproduction of the original sound as opposed to personal creative changes, while keeping as a guideline the extreme fame of the song. The meticulous study of arrangements, of vocal parts, the careful choice of songs and the drive of the show itself, the numerous outfit changes, the total absence of prerecorded tracks (except sampled percussions) make Disco Inferno the best live expression of the “disco” fashion present today on the Italian territory. The show is supported by a video structure which interacts directly with the musicians and with the songs, it becomes the leitmotif and the glue between all the forms of expression proposed in the show. The Disco Inferno show is in permanent evolution. The band is always looking for new ideas, solutions, sets, to offer something new in each show and tour.

...With the same formula as always

In all these years the band, through all its transformations which have never tarnished, but perhaps increased, its popularity and strength, has reached incredible objectives. 4 live albums, 1 studio maxi single, 1 DVD in the works. The calendar presents a tour schedule normally up to 4-5 months ahead: many clubs book their options 1 year in advance, and all this can only make us satisfied. Participations in “unreachable” festivals, ultra-prestigious stages, clubs that are real shrines of live music. All of this when the “cover/tribute band”, a definition which Disco Inferno still tend to distance themselves from, was not yet a commercial phenomenon as it has become in recent years, giving birth to many imitations. The great communication work developed and applied through the years has made Disco Inferno a unique project, which shines of its own light.

...And today we are more than convinced that we have succeeded.