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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Drumer looking for a punk band

Name : Orgui

Hello! I am a Catalan guy in search of a punk band. A rock band would be good too. I don't have drums here in Amsterdam, but I'd love to join in a band that already have a drumset. I've been playing in a punk band for many years. Please, any ideas that you have to let me join your band or to start a new one, would be lovely for me to hear. Many thanks! Orgui

De Kassamer cheese shop in Ruunstraat

Name : bill barnard

hi anyone visiting Amsterdam Beware of Buying cheese from above shop we bought some & they switched the pcs for smaller ones while we were still looking around the store.they said they would send us some cheese to UK but nothing they have stopped replying to emails.NOT A GOOD SHOP FOR TOURISTS.


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