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Thursday, 20 June 2024

How to become a Dutch

Foreigners legally resident in the Netherlands for a certain period of time can file an application to become a Dutch citizen, if they have sufficient command of the Dutch language and a valid birth certificate. Generally, this means renouncing previous nationality(ies).

Becoming a Dutch nationalOnce resident in the Netherlands for a certain period of time, you have the right to apply for the Dutch nationality. The general requirement is legal and continuous residency for at least five years. However, in some cases this period can be reduced. Such cases include the spouses of Dutch citizens, people born in the Netherlands, persons granted asylum and certain nationalities (e.g. Surinamees).

The IND Immigratie en Naturalisatie Dienst (The immigration and Naturalisation Service) is the public body in charge of citizenship and the place to apply is the Gemeentehuis. You must technically renounce citizenship of your country of origin .

What do you need to apply with?When applying for Dutch nationality, you will need to present the following documentation:

Your birth certificate
A consular certificate which states your former nationality, details your criminal records (if any) and your military status in your home country
A certificate of Dutch criminal records
A police certificate stating the length of your residency in the Netherlands
Proof of registration at your local Dutch town hall
The main advantages of Dutch nationality are a Dutch passport and the right to vote. You will also have the right to work and live in any country of the European Union.

For more information on naturalization go to http://www.ind.nl/