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Thursday, 20 June 2024
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Posting an Ad

Why advertise on Sababa.nl?
We have over 1000 unique visitors per day worldwide. They use our service to find information for their (holiday) stay.
We rank high in the search engines, in many languages, especially in Google. The chances that your target audience will see your ad are very good.

How does it work?
An ad can be placed in different categories.
Complete the form below to post an ad.
The announcement will be posted on the English page. Placing the same ad in another language on the relevant page is possible without additional cost.
Deliver the text in the correct language and we will publish it on the relevant page.

How much does it cost?
Posting an ad in the categories House search, Job Search, Miscellaneous and Second Hand is FREE!

The price for an ad in the category House offers is € 25 per month or € 200 per year excluding VAT.

The price for an ad in the categories Job offers, Courses, Studies and Professions is € 50 per month or € 300 per year excluding VAT.

Advertise with your own page?
To advertise with your own page please fill in the form below.
Upon receipt, we will contact you for more information concerning the possibilities and costs.

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