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Banana Bar

Achterburgwal 37 Amsterdam
Banana Bar

Its a very popular place with stag parties and not really a place for women to go. Once inside the drinks are free and are served by the hostesses who also provide the entertainment including the famous banana routines which involve audience participation! Entrance is 40 euros for an hour and includes all your drinks. Its best to go when the place is busy as there is more going on.

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Type : Erotic Show
Telephone : 0031-020-6227640
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Number of rates: 1 | Rating: 5.80952381
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hans hans: → 23 September 2007 - 21:10

You are so right my man, a group of us went in, only thing was.....IT WAS TRANNY NIGHT!!!!!!!!! Don't knock it till you try it.......lol

dirk dirk: → 28 April 2007 - 00:33

I had been recommended the Banana bar by several friends before I visited amsterdam, but there's always a feeling of aprehension before handing over your hard earned cash. It was our first show, and we were still a little wary. We needn't have been worried. On entering the club we were given a choice of glasses, either beer or spirits, in hindsight I should have asked for a spirit glass. You can have as much as you like, but you're only allowed in there for an hour, so make the most of it. The "Entertainment" is split onto two levels, we decided to go upstairs. There is a bar area stretching the whole length of the room. the bar is in effect the stage and four girls wandering around serving drinks and performing. The bar was full of stag do weekenders and there were a number of acts on show as we approached the bar. The service was excellent. no sooner had we sat down, than one of the models filled our glasses and welcomed us to the bar. For forty euros you can stay for an hour and just watch or you can pay for private shows. They know how to cater for small groups! which was nice. We stayed for about 10 minutes then thought we'd try downstairs. The range of women was quite varied, and I think there should be something to appeal to everyone. At the bar downstairs we manouvered our way to the end and took our seats. There's no instructions or menu or anything, so we got chatting to some of the guys there who explained the situation. €20 for a show with the performer of your choice, although they only do a set number of routines. €50 for the full show which includes all four girls currently working the bar, doing five shows, i.e one of them performing twice. Innitially we went for the full show. Each girl has her own "Party Trick" shall we say, and allows you a certain amount of interraction. some of the girls just seemed to be going through the motions, but two of the girls we liked seemed to be really enjoying themselves. They were really chatty and friendly, and in doing so had no problem relieving us of more hard earned cash in return for 30 minutes of hands-on entertainment with a can of squirty cream, a bunch of bananas and a bottle of baby lotion. All washed down with as much beer as you can drink. They are quite strict with their one hour policy. They call your name over the tannoy and come and find you if you can't drag yourself away. You can stay, but it'll cost you more. On the whole, Highly recommended and helps you lose any inhibitions you might have had about the red light district. On the whole a very friendly, erotic experience. Marvelous!!

movie2007 movie2007: → 02 April 2007 - 02:53


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