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Sunday, 16 June 2024

Red Light District

Achterburgwal 106 Amsterdam
Red Light District

Amsterdam's famous Red Light District covers a large area in the oldest part of the city. It has been servicing the personal needs and desires of locals and visitors for five centuries. There is a certain charm to the area thanks to the old buildings leaning at odd angles overlooking tree-enshrouded canals, while inviting pubs, cafes and coffeeshops tempt you to linger longer. Music of every genre can be heard along the streets from a dozen or more venues late at night. Recently redone streets, revamped façades, new, classier resturants are now transforming what was once dark and dingy into one of the most attractive parts of town! The narrow alleyways that reflect the inviting red glow of the large picture windows where an endless stream of horny men oogle nearly naked female flesh is of course the main attraction. The women behind the windows run the gamut from young and beautiful to grandmotherly and almost revolting. There's enough diversity here including Asian, Black, Latin and of course European women to satisfy any fantasy. The hoertjes (hookers) are completely legal and regulated by the government now, ensuring that they have access to medical care. There is even a sort of union for the prostitutes to help lobby the government when needed. For more info about prostitution, we recommend you pay a visit to PIC, the Prostitution Information Center. From the gothic Oudekerk, or Old Church, narrow alleyways lead through the busiest section of the Red Light District. The sacred and profane have coexisted in this section of Amsterdam for a long time. The XXX logo of Amsterdam once meant charity, resolution, and heroism, but now conjures up the image of a lewd city. Indeed one might get the wrong idea about Amsterdam and the Dutch if one visited only this area of town. Their tolerant attitudes towards prostitution, soft drugs and pornography result from an acceptance that these things are human and a reluctance to criminalize everything.

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